Friday, July 09, 2004

GUS The Gorilla

Thanks to Michael Heseltine for this update from August 2001 on a previous boss. Now I just need an update on Michael...

All change and change again.... He got the sack last October.
After outrageously changing his hair style, if not his mincing gate, he (boy girl thing) eventually got a place at Manchester Airport..IT liaison with Ops (not perfect casting I fear...fairly short lived therefore) and now GUS
in Manchester.
Andy O still with us but lots and lots of talks with his mate Seedy so not long until re united in a nauseating Simon Bates type Our Tune style get together (naked star jumps and CDM's place during Dungeons and Dragons).
Yes I am the boss for what it is worth....50 redundancies on the way.
Me and Charles holding the baby.
Phil has been replaced....will finish at end of September.
Rich, Old and tired.
Come back all is forgiven.
I want to take them all for a beer next week....fancy a gallon?
Yorkshire County Champions 2001, Goughy about to save England with the bat 33 to avoid the follow on in the morning...a good session to watch.
PS Dahoon wants his clubs back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what the heck and flip is this all about?

9:29 pm  
Blogger SirTumble said...

You had to be there to appreciate just how big a tosser the start jumping boy girl thing was...

7:38 pm  

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