Saturday, July 10, 2004

The Artful Dodgeress

Poor Paul wasn't having the best of times back in February 2002...

yes, i was robbed!...
this prostitute intercepted me as i crossed from the navi to the eagle...she kept grabbing hold of me so i kept saying "i don't want any business" and "leave me alone" etc. By the time i realised what had happened she was away, and i was £15 lighter...i chased her and actually got hold of her but she started screaming so i decided to give it up as a bad job...i went in the eagle but realised that i hadn't enough change for a pint (thinking i could borrow some money off Fred when he came in) so decided to go to the hole in the wall...
on my way back to town the prostitute was there with her pimp, who came running over (near whittingtons) he attacked me, so we had a bit of a scuffle and he realised he wasn't getting anywhere,..he kept saying (to streamline taxis) "call the police"...i wish they would have been there!
Anyhow, they buggered off, leaving me out of breath and somewhat distraught in streamline taxi rank!..A guy came in saying "i saw all that!, if you want to call the police i'm willing to back you up" so i told him that i didn't think it would be worth it...end of story QED...I'm alive to tell the tale, but older and wiser!


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