Sunday, October 03, 2004

Manchester trip

Ooooo...lovely...a trip to Manchester with Rob & Paul. The dark skies in Rochdale closely followed by thunder didn't bode well and then the heavens opened...and the train was cancelled.
So, almost an hour later,there we were in sunny Manchestoh asking a policeman for directions to the Beer Company Pub but no joy, so of to the Crown & Anchor...
It's about £1.50 a pint here and Rob and I both thought it had a bit of a strange taste but Paul quite liked it.
Then it was off to find the "flagship" Ape & Apple which looked a sizeable pub from the outside but was very cozy inside. This was a very good pint as we all agreed and was only £1.35 so we had two.
A quick visit to the Grey Horse for a break in Brewery (it's a Hydes pub) and at £1.80 it was the dearest pint of the day but it was a quality pint. Rob found 5p in between my foot and a barstool and Burnley drew 0 - 0 with Reading (away).
Then right next door to the Old Monkey for another two pints at £1.35.
we finished off in the Navvy back in Rochdale for yet more Holts' and then it's all a blur...


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