Saturday, September 04, 2004

Damian's Day

First port of call - The Navvy. A lovely pint of Holts' Bitter for £1.35. It really was on top form today. The dancing boys were pretty good too.

Followed by a walk back in time into one of the few pubs in Rochdale that has not changed one bit since I first drank there as an under age youth in 1977.Fantastic.
A proper drinkers pub with old blokes playing cards and dominoes and cheap beer. Only £1.20p a pint.

I guess this pub should be renamed the Miserable Cow & Ice Maiden rather than Cask & Feather. Apologies to Paula for messing up her usual Saturday afternoon doing next to nothing but she can always finish reading the paper whilst picking up her dole money.
Anyway enough of the bitterness, the beer was pretty good and at £1.34 a good price (although being a micro brewery I've always thought it should be as cheap as Th' Eagle). [enough bitterness...Ed]

And then back to Chez Rob for Chinese and Nearest & Dearest...Waheyyyyyy

More piccies here...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

beer and curry and maybe just maybe the perfect night out you really ought to go to church heathens an observer

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